About Us

Hey there, Welcome to our store!

You are probably wondering who is the person owning this store and why you should buy from them.
No worries! Let me introduce myself very briefly!

My name is Artemis and I live in Dublin, Ireland! I have been a professional dog trainer for 8 years and I recently decided to open an online store specializing in dogs. My experience and knowledge in dogs' training and behaviour, motivated me to bring creative, well-made, specialized products to Irish dog owners that have been proven to help the dogs' well-being, physical and mental health and general welfare.


Well, I'll try to make this briefly too!

  1. We specialize in dogs!
    This means that we have enough canine expertise to help you decide which product is better for your dog, we try our best to stock products that have been tested and approved by us (I mean my dog, not me!) and do a lot of research (checking reviews, speaking with the company, asking questions) before we decide to sell any products to you.
  2. We want a connection!
    At Woof Me, we love building a relationship with you. We love connecting and it would be great if we could hear any of your concerns, ways for us to improve and compliments. We want to know you! At Woof Me, you are not just a consumer, you are a client!
  3. Not just an online store!
    At Woof Me, we are not just dog owners. Our expertise comes from many years of reading, studying, researching and experiencing dogs through the dog training business. So, we believe that we have enough knowledge to choose the right products for you and your dog and help you making the best decision.
  4. We are a small business!
    Buying from us, automatically means that you support our dream and you appreciate our hard work. Being a small business is not easy and that is why we get super excited when we receive your order!
    Remember that small business owners are your neighbours who are willing to help you in any way.
  5. We are here for you!
    If you have any questions or doubts about any of our products, we would be extremely happy to help you. We aim to respond to your e-mails within 24 hours as you are our priority and will try our best to solve any of your issues as soon as possible.


Having questions?
Please e-mail us: shop@woofme.ie
or just fill out our contact form here